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 Welcome to Ginny Myrt Primitives and thank you for stopping by. We have been making crafts for over fifteen years and after developing a following for our wares, we have decided to build a website.

In the beginning, we did small craft shows and then progressed to juried regional craft shows. We have enjoyed sharing our love of primitive with our customers and friends for quite a number of years.  It seems like once it gets ingrained in you it is hard to think another way.

Me and my husband both grew up with "Country" like folks since our families were both from the mountain region.  My husband is from a very rural part of Virginia called Wythe County which is in the western part of the state and I am from the more eastern part of the state.  Even though I grew up in the city my parents grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and we visited there often and I spent as much time as I could there when I was growing up.  The picture in our banner heading is my Grandfather sitting on his woodpile many many years ago.  He was a tobacco farmer and I still can remember getting water from the spring and the smell of Sunday supper when we would go up there to visit.

One of my fondest memories was helping my grannie fetch eggs from the hen house for Sunday supper for those famous deviled eggs.  And oh can I see her now whipping up her made from scratch chocolate ice cream that she made in the ice box, not a freezor. She always made sure Granddaddy got her that vanilla she needed if she new I was coming to make me my ice creme. 

And Oh those homemade biscuits and gravy.  I can taste them now.
And of course she never measured any ingredients for anything.  She knew exactly how much to use.
 We are very proud of our name "Ginny Myrt Primitives." The "Ginny" part comes from my mother, Virginia, and "Myrt" comes from my grandmother (her mother), Myrtle. Being from The Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia, they were both very creative and crafty by nature, and often out of necessity. They have passed their imagination and passion for crafting down to me.

Being the oldest of six, my mother has many, many stories about her parents making dolls and play toys for her and her younger siblings. Money was tight, but they always made do. I hope to share some of these stories with you down the road. There will also be many pictures I will share that you will love.

As you browse through our online shop, we hope you'll take a moment to reflect on times past. We want our creations to take you back to a simpler way of life - perhaps you can imagine my mother and her siblings playing with similar dolls in their mountain home here in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  My Grandmother cooking on her wood stove, my  Grandfather plowing with ole Nelly in the field of tobbacci,  my mother rocking my uncle tots to sleep, the chickens pecking at the kitchen door, the cows up in the field, the water flowing in the stream and the smell of fried chicken cooking on that wood stove for supper.

I know she's got that hot pitcher of water and washbowl waiting--back in those days that was the last stop before sitting down at the table and saying grace......

I Can Hear That Dinner Bell Ringing!

Hugs and blessings,
 Dan and Sandy Patton

This article was published on Tuesday 29 April, 2008.
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